Do you work through an agency?
No I am totally independent.


Do you have reviews?

Yes Click Here for My Reviews


Do you offer Cam Shows?

Yes here and see me and my friends live 


Click here see me live on


Do you have video clips? Yes, click links below:


Click Here for Some of My Video


Click Here For My More Hardcore Video


Click Here For My Fetish and Wrestling Videos



Where are you from?

Miami Florida area between Ft Lauderdale and Palm Beach


Are you a full service provider?

I get a few people that wonder if I even do full service. The majority of people that write or see me are first timers. I will always start with a full body message and what ever happens after that happens, please do not call me and ask if I do full service as I will tell you the same thing. Some like to just wrestle and some like me to just dance if anything goes beyond that then its between two consenting adults. Whether you want a message only, dancing only or wrestling only the rate is the same for the time you booked. Please do not call and ask for a discount because all you want is something simple. However if you seen me before then you already know the drill.

What can I expect during a date?
The only thing you can expect is a massage with GFE. You may pick what type of massage.

What can I expect sexually?
Do not ask me to do anything illegal. I won't tolerate this behavior and the date will be terminated. Do not e-mail me and ask if I do sexually orientated activities, your e-mail will go directly in the trash and you will receive no reply.

Why do I get a massage?
This is what makes me comfortable and allows me to get to know you. Besides, I love to touch people and show their body affection.

Is that really you in the pictures?

Yes I keep my site and Eros current with pictures usually taken and changed every 4-6 months and my other sites you can see often pictures from that week or bi weekly since I come in contact with the camera often.


I am new to this any advice?
Search Google for this site "Escorts - How to Use Escort Services - A Men's Guide" it is filled with interesting and useful information.

Are you listed on other web sites?
Yes I have reviews on TER. See the link near the bottom "Reviews". You can also visit my home page and my links page to find more sites I may be seen on.


Will I be video taped or my picture taken for any other site?

The clips and videos are for informative and entertainment purposes only, please be advised I keep these sites separate for a reason they have nothing to do with me seeing you, but many have asked and to help to reinforce that those are my pictures and what can be done with me, and many have asked about being taped.


So to answer the question of video taping and picture taking: No, you will not be video taped , they are legal sites I am partnered with and therefore  you can be taped. But to be on video or in pictures you must sign a few model releases and  I would need a copy of your ID and then you would get a copy of the DVD, I get asked that a lot  so be aware of that,
I have many volunteers for this and would never disrespect anyone that way, my sites also would be taken down if video or pictures with you are taken without your full consent, I am an adult and neither me, my webmaster nor my company does not practice those kinds of ethics.

I have a hectic and changing schedule, can I see you anytime?
Pre-booking is required. However, I do understand some people just might not know they have time until the last minute. It is best then to call and leave me a message in the a.m. as to what time frame you are looking at for that day. Please understand you take the chance I am not available. I leave very informative information on my voicemail.

Once I have a date and time scheduled with you, what do I do next?
A confirmation call from you the morning of or night before to ensure your plans have not changed. If you have provided me with your number I can call you to confirm.

Seems you do not answer the phone?
Actually I do not answer the phone. I leave very informative voicemail's. There are many reasons for this. Just know that I do not answer unless I notice your phone number in my caller id or I know you will be calling me. I do not answer when I am at home, on photo shoots or locations for jobs, working out, with people, and overall, with the many things I do. I just receive to many calls to be able to be by my phone all day. I will call back as soon as I can possibly within a few minutes. If I am not able to call for awhile I will have that on my voicemail, If you do not want a callback, I respect that and just tell me. If this is not acceptable e-mail me. All e-mails are answered promptly.

What days and times are you available?
Everyday is different due to the nature of modeling and acting and my workouts and classes. This is why it is best to schedule an appointment. This also gives me time to get properly prepared and arrange my day. Weekends are hard because of assignments. I can do them at times though.

Do you offer fetishes like foot and body worship?
I do offer fetishes such as this I do not offer bdsm. Please write if you have a question. I am more than happy to tell you if we will be a fit together.

Can I request an outfit?
Yes, I have several types available from formal, dancewear, some costumes and lingerie.